Our factory that does not compensate from quality in production, that targets respect to the environment, being a leader in the sector, to meet the requirements and expectations in time and in a complete manner had acknowledged as a policy of quality to;

• Comply with the quality management standards,
• To identify with continuous development as a company culture,
• To continuously observe and increase the appreciation of the customers, the suppliers, the firm personnel and the users,
• Not to give up from education at any level,
• To be an establishment that does not make concessions from quality at any rate.

By providing the technological development for the products to be used in the setting up of modern cities, to diverge the competitive ambiance in the sector in the field of services with quality products.

To become vintage in the products and services that are beyond our age by co-operating with the people who are working to build the future both at heart and in mind.

Our firm is active in the field of infra structure and structure for the organisation of living spaces works with the principle of “man first” in all its processes, and accordingly our target is to reduce the risks to minimum for our workers, visitors and all the others who are effected by our activities, trying to reduce the risks of health and safety to the minimum level and to establish, apply and sustain the related Work Health and Safety Management System.

For the purposes of achieving such a goal, our factory policy is as follows:
• To perform our activities in accordance with the legislation on worker health and work safety and in compliance with all the standards of all the establishments that we are legally entitled to;
• To identify and check the risks of worker health and work safety;
• To reduce to the minimum level the work accidents and occupational disease;
• To increase the protective measures and to follow up the technology;
• To plan and sustain the trainings on worker health and work safety;
• To evaluate the suggestions of our workers;
• To plan and sustain the trainings on worker health and work safety;
• To evaluate the suggestions of our workers;
• To continuously improve the performance of worker health and work safety;
• To lead the works in respect of the worker health and work safety in our sector.
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