Uluova Construction and Machinery Industry Company Limited had been founded in the year 1984 in Ankara. Our firm had so far successfully completed since the year it had been founded the projects for State Hydraulic Works General Directorate Artificial Lakes, Irrigation, Flood Protection; for The General Directorate of Highways, roads, bridges and artistic structures; for The General Directorate of Machine and Chemistry Industry, industrial facilities; for Eti Holding Incorporated, décapage; for TEKEL General Directorate service buildings; for the Coal Power Plant of Turkey Electricity Corporation (TEAŞ – TEDAŞ ) tunnels, roads, ash dam; for the Provincial Administration of Balıkesir an artificial lake, road; for Ankara Metropolitan Municipality various rain water and waste water collectors; for the İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality, building constructions, collectors, fore pile productions within the context of the organisation of Ortaköy valley.

In the year 2005, the parquet, bordure and asphalt coated road works had been declared as a tender by the Municipality of Balıkesir in certain quarters of the city, is still under construction.

The prefabricated concrete elements that had been widely used in the foreign countries since the past, had taken its place as a preferred ground covering material in the construction sector of our country during the recent years. Our firm had evaluated the requirement for prefabricated concrete elements within the city of Balıkesir and its surrounding, and had started the construction of concrete parquet bordure factory during the first months of the year 2006 in the Balıkesir Organised Industrial Zone, on a land of 3.5 acres of land, with a closed space of 2500 square metres and had started the production in May 2006 with full capacity. Our factory is continuing its production in conformity with ISO 9001 : 2000 quality system, ISO 14001 : 2004 Environment Management System and Turkish Standards Institute.

With the state of the art equipment consisting of 60 m3 / sec capacity Göker – SIM concrete plant, Zenith HB 844 AZ, Tezgüller PM 508, forklifts, loaders and trucks for transportation; our factory has got the daily production capacity of 2200 square metres of parquet, and 2000 m bordure, and the whole of the production has been sold to the domestic customers, and we are continuing our studies for research and development for the purposes of enlarging our range of products.

Starting from June 2006 on, a laboratory had been set up within the company structure, which is targeting more efficient production and quality and the norms of Turkish Standards Institute. In this direction, the required experiments are being undertaken in our laboratory with great care for both before and after the production.
The experiments that are undertaken in our laboratory :

1. Aggregates Experiments
• Sample taking
• Sifter analysis
• Grain metre
• Thinness Module
• Specific gravity
• The condition of moisture in the aggregates
• Unit weight
• Composite
• Resistance for frost

2. Daily Production Experiments
• The control of the shape and dimensions
• Colour, texture, crack, etc… check
• The measurement of flatness, bulges, and surface cover thickness

3. The Experiments on the Hardened Concrete Cover Blocks
• The characteristic resistance for bending
• Water suction
• Frost / defrost
• Unit weight.
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